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How is Ciaran doing?

"Still hot."

The Abysswalker slowly descended into the chambers in which the Princess of the Darkmoon resided. Stopping just on the opposite side of the wall of fog he knelt "I return to thee, Lady Gwyndolin." he stated in a hushed tone as he reached up and removed his helm, keeping his hung in the presence of a greater being than he.


Gwyndolin’s head perked, her prayers interrupted by a familiar presence. Her lips opened, trying to put a name to this soul; it was not one of her blades but it was someone she knew. As she rose and approached the fog gate that separated her father’s tomb from the world, she gave a start at the voice.

She steadied herself before stepping out of her father’s tomb, to confirm what her heart told her. The Lord’s mouth went slightly agape at the sight.

"Sir Artorias…? How can this be…?" She took a step forward and reached toward him, but stopped and returned it to her side. It was unbecoming of her. "I had thought you perished in the Abyss…"

"As did I… All that I am able to recall is that I was fighting Manus in one moment and in the next I was back in the Oolacile Colosseum." He looked to his left arm, which was now held up in a makeshift sling that he had made from his cloak. "And When I awoke, I had lost all a cognitive control of my left arm… Though I suppose that it is from me underestimating the extent of Manus’ power…"  

Glancing up, he reached  out gently and took the Maiden of Moonlight’s hand, placing a respectful kiss to it. “I am blessed to be able to return to your service, though the kingdom is in a much more chaotic condition than when I left.”

Standing slowly, he used his  sword as a crutch to steady himself. “Though that is expected… What with my failure to halt the advance of the Abyss.”



Trick of the light - This video fucked me up.


✎ - taste in music/literature

(My Artorias is quite proficient with a flute, and for literature; he loves poetry.)

A new Munday post on the block!


★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?
◆ If you had been born into your muse’s world, who would you be and what sort of life would you have?
☂ What are your favourite words?
● Admit to three guilty pleasures and/or embarrassing facts about…

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Headcanon meme - send me a symbol and I’ll describe my muse’s…


  • ❣ - hands
  • ❤ - voice
  • ۵ - feet
  • ❦ - lips
  • ø - eyes
  • ღ - nose
  • ♮ - body type
  • ♫ - singing voice
  • ✮ - sleeping habits
  • ✉ - texting habits
  • ✿ - laugh
  • ✍ - writing style
  • ⌨ - time-wasting habits
  • ❅ - keeping warm/keeping cool techniques
  • ✎ - taste in music/literature
  • ☤ - self care/first aid habits
  • ✪ - favourite food/eating habits
  • ☁ - ideal holiday
  • ✄ - nervous habits
  • ☂ - sadness
  • ❈ - ideal birthday

Place One in My Inbox: Questions Edition.

  • "Am I dead?"
  • "Another one?"
  • "And what if I don’t?"
  • "Are you afraid of God?"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Are you really that shallow?"
  • "Are you sure it’s okay?"
  • "Are you sure there were no survivors?"
  • "Can I trust you?"
  • "Can we go now?"
  • "Can we not fight…

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Fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: Chris
State the name that your parents almost named you: Tristan
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? My mum
Did anything embarrassing happen this week?  Hmmm… Not yet!
Do people praise you for your looks? Eh, not really
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Black
Do you work out every week? A bit, I walk home from school every day, I’d lift weights at home if I had heavier ones.
Do you like your smile? Nope
Do you like your eyes? See above answer
Do you think you are pretty? Same as above
How much money is in your account? Not too much at the moment.
Do you want kids? In the future I do
What does your backpack look like: A Ouija board
What celebrity do you think is attractive? Taylor Momsen, if I had to choose.
Last movie you saw in theaters: Transformers 4